How to put an icon to your Minecraft server

When we add a server to our list in the Minecraft launcher we can see that a square image appears to its left, it is its server icon. If you still do not know how to put this image, read on.

Image type:

  1. Size 64 × 64 (square)
  2. File type: .PNG

Ways to create the icon for your server

How to upload your icon

For this you need a file manager like Filezilla to connect to FTP. Also, some hosting have an online file manager. You just have to add the PNG file in the main folder of the server and rename it to "server-icon.png"

And with this already it would be. If we update the data in the Minecraft Launcher, we will see that our new image appears shortly.

Published on: 1/22/19, 8:43 AM